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I got really annoyed today because of what I heard/read. So here's a message to all people who download fansubbed videos. Make sure you really use them for yourself and DO NOT upload them to streaming sites.
For the thick-headed fans who sill think it's ok to upload other people's subbed videos because this way they spread love for their fav artists - three clear reasons why you MUST NOT do it:
1) First of all, these videos are not yours so you will become a thief.
2) Then, fansubbing is illegal, and fansubbers can get into trouble if the videos are seen on sreaming sites by the companies that have the licence.
3)And last but not least, think how those people feel after all the work they've done when they see nasty comments in their blogs and awful answers to their polite requests not to upload their videos anywhere.
If you do not know what "common sense" is, get a dictionary and chek it up! And, seriously, don't you know what being thankful and respectful to other people is?

Ah, I feel a bit better now...


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