I got really annoyed today because of what I heard/read. So here's a message to all people who download fansubbed videos. Make sure you really use them for yourself and DO NOT upload them to streaming sites.
For the thick-headed fans who sill think it's ok to upload other people's subbed videos because this way they spread love for their fav artists - three clear reasons why you MUST NOT do it:
1) First of all, these videos are not yours so you will become a thief.
2) Then, fansubbing is illegal, and fansubbers can get into trouble if the videos are seen on sreaming sites by the companies that have the licence.
3)And last but not least, think how those people feel after all the work they've done when they see nasty comments in their blogs and awful answers to their polite requests not to upload their videos anywhere.
If you do not know what "common sense" is, get a dictionary and chek it up! And, seriously, don't you know what being thankful and respectful to other people is?

Ah, I feel a bit better now...

still alive...
As you can see, I'm still alive after getting through a bunch of troublesome exams, so I can continue this madness I've started here. And I'm not using the word "madness" randomly but you'll find out about that later.

Since I had absolutely no idea what to post here, I'll be writing random staff, like I've already said. Today's portion of it will be a review~

As I've stated above, "madness" was not used on a whim. Yesterday, after writing the final test on French history, I've finally finished watching a certain anime series I'd been watching since this summer. So what does "madness" have to do with this? Firstly, the anime is filled with madness, and secondly, it is a Madhouse production. So here goes...

MONSTER profile


Title: Monster

Japanese Title: モンスター

Official Site:

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 74(74 x 25 mins)

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Year Published: 2004

Release Date: 2004-04-06 ∼ 2005-09-27

Broadcaster: NTV

Studio: Madhouse Production (Animation Production); VAP (Music Production)

*Info and pic taken from animenfo

**The anime is actually based on a 1994-2001 manga by Naoki Urasawa

In short, this is an anime about doctors' ethics, human values and a whole lot of madmen. At least at first sight it is so.

Kenzo Tenma, a brilliant brain sergeon, gets involved in the terrifying story of two cute twins ater saving the life of the twin-brother. He gets accused of being a serial killer after the deaths of four people he was related to in some way or another. Dr. Tenma, however, knows who the real killer is and, being on the run, starts his journey in order to find the real killer and atone for his saving "a monster" by killing him.

As you can pretty much guess, a lot of episodes are dedicated to Dr. Tenma's journey until his next encounter with the Monster. That's why if you are an impatient person who can't stand typical "Japanese movie style", you may be bored to death. People who can petiently wait until the culmination which develops at an amazing speed at the very end and enjoy about 50 episodes of boring, nothing's-happening stuff will certainly enjoy this series.

Even though I'm used to this calm observation and quick salvation the "Japanese movie style" offeres, after the 30+ episode I still made a big pause because even if you are fine with a long sequence of at first sight completely unrelated to the main storyline events, this eventually gets imposible to watch at some moment, and, taking into account that pretty much all the characters have mental problems or fight an internal conflict or have some other type of a psychic dilemma, "Monster" becomes a tough anime to see to the bitter end.

However, despite all the negativeness I've just poured, I liked this series. It was great to see how those out-of-place-and-time boring events all came together into the right place at the right time in the end. Every little detail was actually a small brick in the whole building of intertwined elements that create the mysterious atmosphere of profound suspense. So my efforts paid off and I really enjoyed the last couple of series, when all the puzzle pieces finally started being linked to each other. And, certainly, the whole idea and message of the series make you think about your own values, actions, etc. The characters of the series are also well-developed and interesting to observe. At some time you might even start to relate yourself to some of them and think what you could have done if you were in their shoes. Even the typical for Japanese stories lack of proper ending is actually logical in this anime series since it perfectly fits into the overall message.

All in all, I recommend watching "Monster" but only if interested in original plot and narrating technique, psychology, philosophy and what not. It is OK to take it easy and make pauses when wathcing this but "Monster" is the type of intelligent anime series that give you a lot to think about and make your brain work even more so that you are not lost in the story. If you don't like this kind of stuff,DO NOT watch it because probably, it'll just annoy the hell out of you.
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Finally decided to write something...

Originally, I started an lj to be able to download different stuff but then I joined some communities and here I am writing my first post, listening to TOKIO and thinkink what the hell should I write about...

Khem... so, let me introduce myself first:) My name is Lisa. Nice to meet you *slightly bows*

I may seem like a bad person who started all this for mercenary ends only. Well, it was like that at the beginning but not because I didn't want to do things properly. I'm just terrible at keeping a proper diary-like something. However, my conscience made me want to do this properly... as properly as I can - which means I have absolutely no idea what this thingy can turn into in the future. I'm quite clumsy and absent-minded and the table in my room is in a mess almost 365 days in the year... ah, maybe I should'n have written that? Nah, whatever... Everyone has a flaw or two or five or more... but there are alway good sides to compensate the bad ones. So, for example, I'm a positive person, at least my friends think so... I like laughing to tears and I prefer smiling rather than sulking. And if there is no logic in what I'm writing, just smile as well.. or laugh - it's even better!..

OK, let's drop that subject until it hasn't become as messy as my table yet. I guess my nickname seems strange. Yeah, sure it does. First of all, there's a spelling mistake! And then, what does "mo" stand for?

The spelling mistake proves my carelessness. I pressed the wrong button on the keybord - that's quite common for me - and then forgot to check what I wrote. I always do that, so if there are typos - I'm very sorry! *slightly bows*

Then, the "mo" problem. It stands for "morning". Yeah, morning... So now we get "rainy morning". Why rainy then if I'm quite a positive person - it should have been sunny, no? Well, you see, when I was filling in the registration form it was raining. And why morning? Yup, you got it right - I was filling in that same form in the morning. There you go: MYSTERY SOLVED.

Ah, it's not GAME OVER yet though. Why choose such a ... complicated nickname if there are plenty others, much easier to figure out? No, I didn't want to show off... You see, all the nicknames I usually use were already used by someone else. "Rainy morning" was the first thing that came to my mind, and as it was quite long, I shortened "morning" to "mo" and it should have been "rainy_mo" but then my carelessness interfered into the process and we go back to step one of our solving of the mystery of my nickname. Here you go now. All clean and clear!

Oh yeah, if you aren't interested in all that cr**, I mean, in that explanation, you can just skip it... Ah, guess I should've said that earlier, ne? Well, nevermind.

Anyway, please try to enjoy what I'll be writing here from now on. And if you don't want to, just don't read it! It's up to you *wink-blink*

Thank you for your kind attention everyone *slightly bows* This is all for today, see you soon, I hope.. if someone who hated this short introduction doesn't find me and punish me for all I've said, pardon, written, so far.

*big smile*


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